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What is it?

Introducing comfortscience

ComfortScience is the application of science to create materials which deliver the most comfortable experience possible. At Dow, we help people to achieve their ideal levels of comfort by combining our knowledge of material science with an understanding of how human beings think, feel, sense and behave. We call this ComfortScience.

Why do we need it?

The eternal search for comfort

Whether working, playing or resting, consumers are always looking for a more comfortable experience. Comfort is fundamental to achieving a good quality of life and a sense of wellbeing. At Dow, we work to understand how people experience comfort, and we respond to this through applied science and technology.

How do we deliver it?


By drawing on our scientific expertise and technical knowhow, we produce a range of high-quality materials that meet different needs.

At Dow, we’ve identified three dimensions of comfort to help us do this: Ergonomics, Microclimate and Sensation. By configuring these qualities differently, we can respond to different needs and tailor solutions to deliver the most comfortable experience possible.


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